Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aion 2.5 Patch + Apologies for absence

Well, what a busy time it has been the past month, finally found a few minutes spare to update this blog. Apologies for my absence! University work sadly is eating up far too much of my time.

In a few hours time Aion patch 2.5 will be out, bringing with a massive overhaul of the game and introducing an absolute shitton of new features.

I tried Aion upon release and the graphics just blew me away, however upon realising the severe lack of content and mind-numbing grind I did not resub after my first month. However what with patch 2.5 on the way I decided to start a brand new character and give Aion another go. So far I highly reccommend it and I am really enjoying it. However, being only level 15, the real grind is yet to start to I'll cross the bridge when I reach it!

Another new feature in Aion patch 2.5 which looks good is the mentor system. Allowing nubby low level players (like yours truly) to group with l33t high level players and providing benefits to both parties. I am very much looking forward to this as anything that helps me level is good, and while promoting the social side of Aion can only be good also.

I also like some other features such as even-better graphics (which I have absolutely no hope of running on my rapidly-aging computer), and yet more character customisation, with the ability to edit even the movements and motions of your character.

So while I have been away, what games have the viewers of my blog been playing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And now back to the joyous revision for my university exams, somehow I prefer writing about the facts of vidya! Until next time.


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