Friday, March 4, 2011

Molten WoW Review Private Server

Now I figure it is time to look into a very controversial sector of gaming, private servers. Or more specifically, the Molten WoW Private Server for World of Warcraft.

Molten WoW private server claims to offer almost retail-like quality without a monthly fee, so this is a review of Molten WoW to see if it truly does what it says it can do.

There are some waiting times to get on on peak times, and there are a few Blizzard like features missing, but for a fan of World of Warcraft looking for a private server to play on, I highly suggest that you check out Molten WoW.

Molten WoW currently has five different servers so people can choose how Blizzard-like or how Private Server-like they want their experience to be:

Neltharion (medium rate)
Rates: x12. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Deathwing  (medium rate)
Rates: x12. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Sargeras (high rate)
Rates: x20. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Frostwolf (low rate)
Rates: x3. Player cap: 3750. Limited Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Warsong (pure PvP realm, PvE content is disabled)
Rates: Instant level 80. Player cap: 3000. Limited Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

There are many working instances on the Molten WoW Private Server including even complex ones such as The Nexus and Forge of Souls.  Nearly all battlegrounds are working 100%, short of Wintergrasp and Isle of Conquest.

I only started playing the Molten WoW Private Server recently and I am really enjoying myself, I have no clue of the legality of it all so bare in mind you may lose your account at any moment should Blizzard decide to shut down Molten WoW. But with that risk accounted for, I thought I should write this Molten WoW Private Server review for fans of both MMORPGs and World of Warcraft. 
You can find their website at the following link.

I do not work for Molten WoW or Blizzard or anything to do with either of those companies, I am just a fan of MMORPGs who wanted to share his views in a review of the Molten WoW Private Server.


Anonymous said...

I use to play vanilla WoW but wouldn't go back to it. It's too time consuming for me :P

Justsayin' said...

Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Me said...

You mean this is free? No monthly rates? How do they support a site like that?

The Facts of Vidya said...

@Alan. I believe they have a donation feature so they make money that way.

Valen63 said...

Its via Donation, and as a Donor you get a few perks like avoiding queues on the Realms.

Unknown said...

The problem with Molten wow is the staff is full of themselves and cannot take constructive criticism. They have a section for reporting bugs. But according to them, once they mark a bug as fixed, to them it is fixed and that is final. If you report a problem that arises due to their "fix" you ended up getting banned. I did this about a Tol Barard daily quest that would not complete after they "fixed" it. I then received a threatening email from one of their "devs" who said that the problem was only with me and no one else had this problem (suddenly the quest got fixed after I got the message from him) and he said that I should "enjoy your ban". 3-4 weeks later I tried to sign in to the forum after being inactive for most of that time due to school only to find out I had been banned on the forum for "staff disrespect". So apparently you can be banned because a staff member chooses to disrespect you for trying to use a function that they provide so they can better their game. In the end I feel Molten only cares about taking people's money and can care less about having a "blizz-like experience"

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