Monday, March 28, 2011

Console Gaming and PC Gaming. Working Together? Eve Online

You have to hand it to CCP, the makers of Eve Online. Innovation is one thing they are definately not afraid to do, with Dust 514 coming out soon they hope to merge the worlds of console FPS and the MMO Eve Online.

Will it work? Who knows, but the idea sounds great and the trailer is more than enough to get me hyped.

Share your thoughts if you are a console player or pc gamer, interesting in putting the console wars aside and working together for a change?


Electric Addict said...

good info

Mike said...

This game would be absolutely astonishingly good - Eve is about as immersive as games get, but the lack of action can really put a drain on some players efforts to get really into it - Obviously the developers understand this, and want to branch out

Great news! Following for future updates

Hope to see you around my blog - Will have a lot more space based posts happening!


SirJohnBear said...

I hope this game gets huge. I am so sick of World of Warcraft being the main "go to" MMORPG.

Unknown said...

Could be good if they pull it off.

Unknown said...

would be great

Body1 said...

Cool post!!

I wait on my blog!!!

$upporting BRO!!

Moobeat said...

the only plus side to this, as a strong PC gamer, is being able to play more with my friends who have a shitty computer

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