Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Debut Teaser Trailer

Well, as the title suggests:

Honestly? I'm not excited, nor hyped at all. The trailer looks crap, and looks far too much like Left 4 Dead for my own liking. Not that Left 4 Dead is bad, only it is completely different to how I remember Resident Evil.

Back in the day when you had half a clip of pistol ammo, were limping on your life, and you almost died of fear when you walked into a hallway and saw a single zombie.


Most Rageworthy Game ever

Now I present to you the hardest game ever. Never have I raged so much at a game. Give me Demon Souls on the hardest difficulty any day over this.

Personal Best: 8.8m. Share yours in the comments below

Winner gets one free invisible hug and an imagined cookie.

Future of Console Gaming

I saw this image on Kotaku and just had to share it. Scary part is this seems far too close to home for comfort!

Personally I really dislike the idea of DLC, its only place should be used to revive games around a year or two after they have been released. Definately not (looking at you Dragon Age 2 and Fallout New Vegas) to be used as a way to get more money from the customer on release.


And now for something completely different, some shameless self promotion. My (lesser known) other blog has had a massive redesign and a massive influx of content with nearly 60 posts so far, if you are fans of things creepy, horrific, or just like being unnerved then please check it out at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Half Life 2: Episode 3 is coming!

About bloody time! From the escapist:

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is coming, so just chill.
Valve can't take a step without fans calling out questions about when Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is going to come out, or be announced, or even if Valve is thinking about it. In a recent interview, Valve marketing and PR chief Doug Lombardi confirmed that the game is certainly on the way.

Talking to AusGamers, Lombardi said: "You will ever see [more Half-Life], yes. We are not done with Gordon Freeman's adventures. I have nothing other than that to tell you today, but hang in there with us."
Half-Life is a first-person shooter series that sprang Valve to massive popularity back in 1998, praised for its use of scripted sequences rather than movie-like cutscenes, and for silent, goateed main character Gordon Freeman that regularly beat up headcrabs with a crowbar. Half-Life 2 hit stores in 2004, after a delay in 2003 due to a source code leak. Half-Life 2: Episode 1 expanded on the sequel's story in 2006, while Episode 2 did the same in 2007. Since then, almost 4 years later, there hasn't been any more Half-Life news.
Lombardi didn't necessarily say that Episode 3 is coming, so Valve could be planning to skip it for an entire new release considering the amount of time that has passed. The company is still being tight-lipped, but at least we know that Freeman will return, as if we didn't already. Just keep hanging.


So, thoughts? Although we don't have a date it's nice to know that they are still working on it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Console Gaming and PC Gaming. Working Together? Eve Online

You have to hand it to CCP, the makers of Eve Online. Innovation is one thing they are definately not afraid to do, with Dust 514 coming out soon they hope to merge the worlds of console FPS and the MMO Eve Online.

Will it work? Who knows, but the idea sounds great and the trailer is more than enough to get me hyped.

Share your thoughts if you are a console player or pc gamer, interesting in putting the console wars aside and working together for a change?

Video Games = Real Life

Sometimes the line just blurrs a bit between video games and real life.

You have to admire the dedication of game developers and the effort they put in to be similar to real-life places.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Facts of Vidya

We are back with a fully working internet connection and resuming our regular service.

Have some facts about the vidya industry:

1. The average age of a gamer is 35.

2. 26% of all gamers are over the age of 50.

3. Only 25% are under the age of 18.

4. In 2007, 40% of all US residents 2 years or older played an online game.

5. 65% of American households play computer or video games.

6. The gaming industry grosses more than the music and movie industries combined.

 Facts of vidya on the facts of vidya. Who would have thought it!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Technical Problems

Just a quick one to apologise for a lack of updates. Currently my internet provider is upgrading which basically means my internet has slowed to an absolute crawl if it works at all!

Currently I have <5kb/s for my entire household which is making loading pages alone a problem, nevermind posting! (And before the clever people go, "how are you posting this then?", I am at another house currently!)

Fingers crossed things will be solved over the next few days :(

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eve Online - Walking in Stations/Incarna

Now before people get excited, no the Eve Online walking in stations feature is not yet here. This is a post simply to explain to people both new and old to the world of Eve Online about what walking in stations will involve.

First shown in 2008, delayed much?

Eve Online has been a successful MMO for many years, and has a loyal fanbase of over 300,000 players. Yet what it lacks compared to other online games such as World of Warcraft, is the ability to get out of your ship and walk around in the stations.

CCP, the makers of Eve Online, have been working on this and have promised to bring us soon (god knows when) walking in stations. Or as it is now being called, Incarna. As you can see in the above video about walking in stations, shown in 2008, it has been delayed and put back for a very very long time.

However recently we were given more news about walking in stations, or Incarna, with this teaser trailer:

So let me know what you think. Do you play Eve Online already and are looking forward to the new feature? Or have you never heard of it before? Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here I was all prepared to write a lengthy discussion on some in-depth and mature video game topic. When suddenly I see in my gaming pictures folder a random image and I feel a sudden urge to reinstall Borderlands.

I have no idea why I feel like playing again. Nope. Not at all. Any clue?

And they say women are oversexualised in the vidya these days! Pah!

Molten WoW Review Private Server

Now I figure it is time to look into a very controversial sector of gaming, private servers. Or more specifically, the Molten WoW Private Server for World of Warcraft.

Molten WoW private server claims to offer almost retail-like quality without a monthly fee, so this is a review of Molten WoW to see if it truly does what it says it can do.

There are some waiting times to get on on peak times, and there are a few Blizzard like features missing, but for a fan of World of Warcraft looking for a private server to play on, I highly suggest that you check out Molten WoW.

Molten WoW currently has five different servers so people can choose how Blizzard-like or how Private Server-like they want their experience to be:

Neltharion (medium rate)
Rates: x12. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Deathwing  (medium rate)
Rates: x12. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Sargeras (high rate)
Rates: x20. Player cap: 3750. Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Frostwolf (low rate)
Rates: x3. Player cap: 3750. Limited Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

Warsong (pure PvP realm, PvE content is disabled)
Rates: Instant level 80. Player cap: 3000. Limited Vote rewards and Donation rewards are available.

There are many working instances on the Molten WoW Private Server including even complex ones such as The Nexus and Forge of Souls.  Nearly all battlegrounds are working 100%, short of Wintergrasp and Isle of Conquest.

I only started playing the Molten WoW Private Server recently and I am really enjoying myself, I have no clue of the legality of it all so bare in mind you may lose your account at any moment should Blizzard decide to shut down Molten WoW. But with that risk accounted for, I thought I should write this Molten WoW Private Server review for fans of both MMORPGs and World of Warcraft. 
You can find their website at the following link.

I do not work for Molten WoW or Blizzard or anything to do with either of those companies, I am just a fan of MMORPGs who wanted to share his views in a review of the Molten WoW Private Server.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ryzom is going Free to Play

Well as some of my regular readers may have realised, I am an MMO addict, although usually these days with Free to Play MMOs so I am not actually spending that much money. Today I read that another MMO is going Free to Play and so I shall definately be going to download it to try it out.

Ryzom is a..... weird MMO. With day/night systems that actually effect gameplay, monsters with actual AI, and an absolute shitton of skills, it is definately no WoW clone.

So for those looking for something new or different to play, check out Ryzom at the following link.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catherine Release Announced

For those who are a fan of Japanese games, Catherine is being localized.

This game simply looks..... weird!
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