Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am home! And CCP Secret News

Well I return from my adventure to the other side of the country! So close yet so far to 200 followers.

And some actual vidya related news for you. CCP, the makers of Eve Online have released some hidden information in the form of a QR code.

This hidden information contains details on a fan gathering in PAX East in Boston. Including developers, drinks and more.

To attend, simply mail your first name, last name, and character name to How's that for a secret way to give information about an event for your players?

Let me know what you think, an interesting new idea? Or pointless and making life difficult for their fanbase?



Strictly Business said...

thios news makes me happy
strictly business

Brendan said...

congrats on almost 200 followers

cooperlife said...

maybe CCP is finally putting CP in their QR code for EO

Poetry of the Day said...

congrats man!!!!

Poetry <3

forkfantasy said...

199, lols.

Jordan said...

i think it could be fun

CrazyJuan said...

Awesome, I love it.

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