Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annie's Road

Now for something very creepy and very different, but sort of vidya related in a weird way. All credit to the discovery of Annie's Road goes to 4chan.

Annie's Road, an ARG, ARG's are described by wikipedia as:

An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

Now is where things start getting weird. Instead of trying to describe what Annie's Road is and failing I shall simply copy and paste from the thread I have open in front of me, which provides a well written summary of what we have learn about Annie's Road so far:

"This is for those of you who are new to Annie's Road or just haven't kept up. I'm going to keep facts and speculation in their respective places so that no one gets confused. This isn't the whole story. This is just what we have so far...

We'll start out with the name. The real life myth is that there was a Jersey girl named Annie who was hit by a car on her way to senior prom. She's said to haunt the road on some nights and intentionally cause drivers to veer off into deadly collisions. Or maybe New Jersey's roads just suck. That's up for debate, but that's why the road is called Annie's Road.

Two sites were linked to on /x/: &

Note that the latter has an 's' and the former does not. So, for brevity's sake, we'll refer to as '-S' and as 'S'.

Upon visiting '-S', there is a solid black screen that turns red when move your cursor to the center. A countdown clock appears that is set to hit zero on Thursday night at 9PM EST. It will be a full moon that night.

The title-bar of the '-S' page reads “Nondum tempus...” which—when roughly translated from Latin to English—reads “Not yet time...”

The JavaScript of '-S' has two hidden messages:
“/* ATLItude is falling. We hold the Key (NaN). */.”
“A lack of understanding does not necessitate a lack of purpose.” or 'S' has changed, so we'll start from the top. Originally, 'S' had a blank field in which you were supposed to enter you e-mail address. Some entered their addresses, but most didn't. An e-mail was received that said the following:

“Subject: It is. I am. have been chosen...we will not be forgotten...she has been summoned...
...the key 43...your test 47...your life 59...the end 63...2018221539... asked for it...your life is in our hands...we are watching...we are always watching...look behind you...”

The rough translation of the french language written in the e-mail reads, “God is not the only one who sees everything, we do too.”

 The 'S' site's availability has been erratic, but as of last weekend, the site began to stabilize and donned a new face. Two opposing hands—one pointing down and the other pointing up—are shown in the center. They each have an eye in the center and bear a striking resemblance to the hamsa; a symbol which is popular among global occultists as a defense against the “evil eye.” The file name of the hand image is “22ham22.”

The text placed around the palm arrangement reads, “ destroy her one must first learn to love must be willing to look deep into eyes of fear itself...” This text is shown in reverse. When you click the center of the page, a mirror site appears and the text is turned around.

The title bar reads, “...I saw Annie...please God somebody help me...”

The JavaScript of 'S' has two hidden messages as well:

Aside from the two sites, there have been a few other unconfirmed developments. Two images have been posted on /x/. Each has a shape that bears resemblance to the shape the window makes when going to 'S'. Another development concerns a book called The Red Book of Appin, which is a text on demonology and black magic. Some of the references made in the source code and e-mails have been linked to the book, so it's speculated there is a relation. Again, this is unconfirmed.

These are the facts we've been presented with. Go forth and analyze, /x/philes"

I present to you a screenshot of, check out whats in the header:

So, what do you think? is Annie's Road an in-depth alternate reality game? Or is Annie's Road something much darker? Let me know..

I repeat that I did not write the above summary, it was posted by a tripcode user Wildgoose on the 4chan /x/ Paranormal board, all credit goes to him. And as for finding Annies Road in the first place, all credit goes to anon.

If you are doing your own research into Annie's Road, make sure to check out both URL's:

Edit at 1956 GMT  06/03/2011. I have updated the Annie's Road Developments page for more information.


Anonymous said...

There's no definite proof that it is an ARG... in fact, at this point other than the alleged emails and texts, there has really been no interaction between users and the site.

Both sites have changed quite a bit over the past few weeks:

-Hamsa picture has changed a bunch, from a single brown hand to the blue and red hands that we have now in different positions.
-Comments have changed
-Text around the image has changed
-Used to have an email field (before I started following)

-Comments have changed a few times
-There was a "" but it has since been taken down. It was a black page that went blue with white text when hovered over... contained a quote which has since been forgotten.
-Countdown changed from 9PM EST on Thurs to 8PM EST on Wed.

It was suspected by the original followers of the sites in /x/ that if anything were to happen at "0 time" on non-s, it would be a manual update... the developers would physically upload new content... or maybe S would change. However, the clocks have looped twice so far (as expected by the coding)

ElricShadow95 said...

Interesting... I found the annie's road website a little while ago last year by accident while at work experience and had wanted to learn more about it ever since. I put all of my email adresses in several times but I never seemed to have recieved an invitation :/ or maybe I just didn't recognise it. Oh well, I think I'll try to keep up with this.


Alexandriaweb said...

If you stop the site without the s from refreshing "Revertere..." is hidden in the darkness

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