Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annie's Road Developments

This post will be updated as the evening goes on with developments about Annie's Road. We will return to our usual writing about the vidya tomorrow!

As it stands, currently shows:

While currently has a decreasing timer which seems to be at different times depending on who is viewing it. At the time of writing it is at 17 minutes 22 seconds:

I will be updating as things change.

Edit: 0049 GMT.

A screenshot of the email courtesy of Wildgoose, less than 8 minutes left on the countdown now:

And these are the pictures that the references in the source code and e-mails have been linked to. Make of it what you will.

Edit: 0100 GMT.
The timer reached 0 seconds, before relooping at 59 seconds. It then reached 0 seconds again, and has started back at 59 minutes 59 seconds.

Perhaps this is all an elaborate troll? Most likely!

Edit: 0200 GMT

The timer has reached 0, and relooped at 59 seconds. The timer reached 0, and the following message has now appeared. I'm surprisingly freaked out by this!

The text box is dynamic, and allows people to type in messages.

Edit: 0210 GMT. The timer has now reappeared and has reset to 24 hours. And I am off to bed! Until tomorrow all.

Edit: 1742 GMT. Timer at is still counting down with 8 hours remaining. Lurking the chans to try to find confirmation if anybody has recieved any emails from them putting their email address in the dynamic text box.

Edit: 2224 GMT. Well since my early night is not working I shall post what else we know about Annie's Road, in the source code we can see a message:

  As for what this message in the source code means, beats me. Also since I am going on holiday now and so will be unable to update for a day or two, 4chan /x/ has an IRC channel running to discuss Annie's Road and shit brix as a group, channel names are freenode #annieroad or #anniesroad.

Edit: 2152GMT  24/02/2011

It's been a few days now, and it looks like the timer at is continuously repeating itself, it currently stands on 4 hours and 6 minutes. Also has not changed in the slightest. So, perhaps the saga of Annie's Road comes to an end, was it a troll after all this? Or are we simply missing some details? Or perhaps it will continue until 2012 when everything will hit the fan? Who knows.

The buzz seems to have definately blown over but I will be keeping one eye on Annie's Road just in case, and will continue to post any changes as (or if) they occur. 

Edit: 1946GMT  06/03/2011

Thanks to ElricShadow95 for this one. Having checked the website myself, it seems to take much longer to load, and has no timer at all and the message "revertere" appears if you highlight the black page. This means "Go back, return, turn around".

Also for a split second when loading, the entire screen turns red and the "Revertere" flashes up before returning to normal. This doesn't seem to happen every time Annies Road is loaded.

Also we have found yet more hidden messages in the source code:

As always keep letting me know of any Annie's Road information I may have missed so that I can update and share the information for all to see.


Brendan said...

good luck with your site!

Rawr said...

first website is creepy :p

Yes! said...

Good luck!
Following and supporting!


Unknown said...

Nondum Tempus = It's not time
Est Tempus = It's time

A text field appears at the end of the timer, you insert your e-mail address (supposedly?) and a message tells you that it is begun.

Then the timer resets to 24 hours.

Wellp, see you guys tomorrow?

cooperlife said...

elaborate troll is elaborate.

CrazyJuan said...

Complicated.. creepy. Nicely done.

yermolay said...

holy shit

website is completely freaky

keep working on it, i'd love to share this with friends

T. Banacek said...

Curious to see how all this develops.

Shutterbug said...

What is this thing? I'm out of the loop. :)

The Facts of Vidya said...

It is now the 24th February and I have updated the above post about Annie's Road.

I will continue to update as changes happen.

ElricShadow95 said...

I don't know what's happened now. On mine the timer has disappeared and it just says "Revertere." I viewed the page source and a few messages were found. "ATLItude is falling. We hold the Key" and "A lack of understanding does not necessitate a lack of purpose."
Mean anything?


Stech said...

Indeed the timer has also disappeared for me, and I found out that "Revertere" means "Return" in latin or norwegian.

HannahPotter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HannahPotter said...

Waiiiiiiit does the fact that certain letters in ATLItude are capitalized hold any significance?

I'm not sure whether they meant to say "altitude" and whether they misspelled it on purpsose... if just the ALT were capitals then the "hold the key" part would make me tempted to see if anything happens when holding the alt key. Anyone tried that?

Ironically that line "A lack of understanding does not necessitate a lack of purpose." has kinda been holding some personal significance (which obviously has nothing to do with this) but it is really creeping me out.
Question is, what does it mean?

(Had to repost this to tell you this is ElricShadow95, actually aka ShadowedStranger95. Stupid email complications...)

HannahPotter said...

Guys, is GONE!

HannahPotter said...

Remember that message from "TYRO"? I googled it. Medieval Latin. It means novice, squire or recruit. Someone who is only a beginner.

G Unit said...

Has anyone tried calling the last number in the email?
"you have been chosen...we will not be forgotten...she has been summoned...
...the key 43...your test 47...your life 59...the end 63...2018221539.."

I'm not sure what the significance of the other numbers are, but I'm almost positive the last one is a phone number. To top it all off, 201 is the area code for an area in New Jersey... that was where the Annie in the legend was mordered. Le me know if you find anything else.

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