Monday, February 28, 2011

Killzone Art

Just thought I would share this picture I found on the interwebs, only a short post today, 10 hour work shift does that to a man!

Killzone is one of the few games that makes me want to get a PS3, and with an art style like this you can see why.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

E3 2010: Play E3 off, Keyboard Cat!

An impressive summary of E3 2010. Captures my thoughts on the whole thing perfectly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eve Online Character Creation

I love CCP, always willing to push technology and try for the next big thing. Their recent upgrade introducing new character creation is a massive step up from anything we have seen in the past and truly pushes the limits.

Check out the video shown below, the future is well and truly here! Just imagine this in 3D!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Painkiller: Redemption

Oh Steam, why must you tempt me with such deals. Painkiller: Redemption is currently on sale for £4.04 (That is a 10% sale).

Now for the sake of £4 I have given in and bought this game, for the simple reason it looks like what first person shooters should be, FUN.

No realism, no raging, no Carl of Duty Black Cops, just you + lots of guns + lots of demons.

Also, Dat Quake 3 engine. HNNNNG nostalgia.

New Skyrim Gameplay Trailer

Check out the new Skyrim gameplay trailer:

Bring on Skyrim release date now! Brb reinstallan Oblivion

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yet more Minecraft + Zombies. New Mod: 7 Days of ZombieCraft

Now we have something amazing, one of the most complete overhauls of Minecraft I have ever seen in my entire life. Imagine Left 4 Dead/Killing floor zombie killing, and Minecraft, mix them together, and then you get this, a mod made by fans called 7 Days of ZombieCraft.

7 Days of ZombieCraft

How incredible does 7 Days of ZombieCraft look?

So, and I can't help but feel I've said this somewhere before, if you enjoy zombies, and if you enjoy Minecraft, keep an eye out for 7 Days of ZombieCraft.

Agricultural Simulator 2011

Here I was, ready to review Bulletstorm and see what gives it its place in the games of today. But then suddenly, I see a new release of Agricultural Simulator 2011. And I couldn't help but go "wat" and felt for the good of mankind I had to mention it.

From what I gather from reading the features, it is Farmville in 3D. Which of course means it will sell a billion copies overnight...

Personally, I think I shall give it a miss, however those interested in Agricultural Simulator 2011 can now find it on Steam at the following link.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aion - My Character and Wallpapers

And now for something completely different. Since I am in a very Aion-y mood (yes that is a word, shush), I thought that I would share some wallpapers I happen to have on my computer about the game.

For those interested, I am still character hopping to find one I want to stick with. I looked at my old main and went "Oh God what was I thinking with that design?". And after getting quite a few alts to level 10 (which for Aion is quite a few hours playtime), I think I shall stick with my Asmodian Chanter.

Being a melee fighter who can heal well, wear chain armour (and possibly plate later? not sure), alongside being credit to team with my many buffs? Sounds good to me! And yes, I know it's a girl character, but I'm in the mood for a change so sue me :).

And without further ado, some Aion wallpapers:

Plus the more I am playing Aion, the less likely I am to spend money on other vidya :)

I'm looking at you Pokemon White. Stop tempting me!

A Look at Aion

Now having just back into Aion, I thought that I would write about it. Firstly, is it a perfect game and has no flaws? God no.

Aion is very much an Eastern MMO in its playstyle, it is very very grindy and I don't see myself ever reaching high level. But with that said, if you don't mind a relaxing grind, and are looking for something with absolutely beautiful graphics and soundtrack, check out Aion.

The following trailer shows the direction the developers want to take Aion in, player housing, better graphics, swimming, and many more. (Yes, the game currently doesn't have swimming, the engine tends to HURP as it stands :P).

This must be the fifth time I have resubscribed to Aion, and I have started another new character, so will I find myself sticking with it this time? I hope so, lets see what the future holds. My old main was level 34. My new character is level 8 and the level cap is 55.

Long way to go! This is not a game where you can hit the level cap in a week, perhaps my childrens children will hit it someday :P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Release - Fallout New Vegas DLC

What a surprise. Fallout New Vegas has DLC released already. The cost is £7.49 on Steam, heres hoping it is worth the money and not just a tiny new area with recolours.

As for me, I think I'll pass, New Vegas was really missing something, the charm, that its predecessor of Fallout 3 had.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Increase World of Warcraft Graphics

Now I'm not a World of Warcraft player myself, but I have been in the past. One thing that prevents me from returning is that I dislike the art style of World of Warcraft, give me Aion anyday (Although disregard its mindnumbing grind), but for those interested in making World of Warcraft graphics look better, check out the following video:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minecraft and Zombies. Together?!

Now for one of the most epic videos you will ever watch in your entire life.

We've all seen amazing zombie movies set in real life, Dawn of the Dead for example; imagine that mixed with Minecraft and you get this.

Love it!

I am home! And CCP Secret News

Well I return from my adventure to the other side of the country! So close yet so far to 200 followers.

And some actual vidya related news for you. CCP, the makers of Eve Online have released some hidden information in the form of a QR code.

This hidden information contains details on a fan gathering in PAX East in Boston. Including developers, drinks and more.

To attend, simply mail your first name, last name, and character name to How's that for a secret way to give information about an event for your players?

Let me know what you think, an interesting new idea? Or pointless and making life difficult for their fanbase?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Steam Sale - The Hitman Collection

Finally something that actually tempts me. The Hitman Collection is on sale today only at 75% off. That is £4.47 for the whole thing.

Heres hoping to reach the magical 200 followers mark by the time I return from my holiday on Monday :)

Holiday, Creepypasta, Annie's Road, what more can you ask for?

I start with the news that I'm off on holiday this weekend and visiting some bros at the other end of the country to play some more of the vidya with them!

And due to my early coach at 7.30am in the morning, I'm not going to be able to stay awake until 2am to see what happens when the timer at reaches 0. So if somebody could please either comment me what happens or email me at then I will update the Annies Road developments page when I get back.

Also to note, (Shameless plug is shameless), if you are enjoying the Annie's Road saga then you might want to check out my new website on which I aim to gather every single creepypasta on the on the interwebs for your viewing. Less than a day old and it has 17 stories online, I hope to reach 25 by the end of today. As always, source is 4chan.

So have a good weekend all, and we shall return to our regular routine on Monday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annie's Road Developments

This post will be updated as the evening goes on with developments about Annie's Road. We will return to our usual writing about the vidya tomorrow!

As it stands, currently shows:

While currently has a decreasing timer which seems to be at different times depending on who is viewing it. At the time of writing it is at 17 minutes 22 seconds:

I will be updating as things change.

Edit: 0049 GMT.

A screenshot of the email courtesy of Wildgoose, less than 8 minutes left on the countdown now:

And these are the pictures that the references in the source code and e-mails have been linked to. Make of it what you will.

Edit: 0100 GMT.
The timer reached 0 seconds, before relooping at 59 seconds. It then reached 0 seconds again, and has started back at 59 minutes 59 seconds.

Perhaps this is all an elaborate troll? Most likely!

Edit: 0200 GMT

The timer has reached 0, and relooped at 59 seconds. The timer reached 0, and the following message has now appeared. I'm surprisingly freaked out by this!

The text box is dynamic, and allows people to type in messages.

Edit: 0210 GMT. The timer has now reappeared and has reset to 24 hours. And I am off to bed! Until tomorrow all.

Edit: 1742 GMT. Timer at is still counting down with 8 hours remaining. Lurking the chans to try to find confirmation if anybody has recieved any emails from them putting their email address in the dynamic text box.

Edit: 2224 GMT. Well since my early night is not working I shall post what else we know about Annie's Road, in the source code we can see a message:

  As for what this message in the source code means, beats me. Also since I am going on holiday now and so will be unable to update for a day or two, 4chan /x/ has an IRC channel running to discuss Annie's Road and shit brix as a group, channel names are freenode #annieroad or #anniesroad.

Edit: 2152GMT  24/02/2011

It's been a few days now, and it looks like the timer at is continuously repeating itself, it currently stands on 4 hours and 6 minutes. Also has not changed in the slightest. So, perhaps the saga of Annie's Road comes to an end, was it a troll after all this? Or are we simply missing some details? Or perhaps it will continue until 2012 when everything will hit the fan? Who knows.

The buzz seems to have definately blown over but I will be keeping one eye on Annie's Road just in case, and will continue to post any changes as (or if) they occur. 

Edit: 1946GMT  06/03/2011

Thanks to ElricShadow95 for this one. Having checked the website myself, it seems to take much longer to load, and has no timer at all and the message "revertere" appears if you highlight the black page. This means "Go back, return, turn around".

Also for a split second when loading, the entire screen turns red and the "Revertere" flashes up before returning to normal. This doesn't seem to happen every time Annies Road is loaded.

Also we have found yet more hidden messages in the source code:

As always keep letting me know of any Annie's Road information I may have missed so that I can update and share the information for all to see.

Annie's Road

Now for something very creepy and very different, but sort of vidya related in a weird way. All credit to the discovery of Annie's Road goes to 4chan.

Annie's Road, an ARG, ARG's are described by wikipedia as:

An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

Now is where things start getting weird. Instead of trying to describe what Annie's Road is and failing I shall simply copy and paste from the thread I have open in front of me, which provides a well written summary of what we have learn about Annie's Road so far:

"This is for those of you who are new to Annie's Road or just haven't kept up. I'm going to keep facts and speculation in their respective places so that no one gets confused. This isn't the whole story. This is just what we have so far...

We'll start out with the name. The real life myth is that there was a Jersey girl named Annie who was hit by a car on her way to senior prom. She's said to haunt the road on some nights and intentionally cause drivers to veer off into deadly collisions. Or maybe New Jersey's roads just suck. That's up for debate, but that's why the road is called Annie's Road.

Two sites were linked to on /x/: &

Note that the latter has an 's' and the former does not. So, for brevity's sake, we'll refer to as '-S' and as 'S'.

Upon visiting '-S', there is a solid black screen that turns red when move your cursor to the center. A countdown clock appears that is set to hit zero on Thursday night at 9PM EST. It will be a full moon that night.

The title-bar of the '-S' page reads “Nondum tempus...” which—when roughly translated from Latin to English—reads “Not yet time...”

The JavaScript of '-S' has two hidden messages:
“/* ATLItude is falling. We hold the Key (NaN). */.”
“A lack of understanding does not necessitate a lack of purpose.” or 'S' has changed, so we'll start from the top. Originally, 'S' had a blank field in which you were supposed to enter you e-mail address. Some entered their addresses, but most didn't. An e-mail was received that said the following:

“Subject: It is. I am. have been chosen...we will not be forgotten...she has been summoned...
...the key 43...your test 47...your life 59...the end 63...2018221539... asked for it...your life is in our hands...we are watching...we are always watching...look behind you...”

The rough translation of the french language written in the e-mail reads, “God is not the only one who sees everything, we do too.”

 The 'S' site's availability has been erratic, but as of last weekend, the site began to stabilize and donned a new face. Two opposing hands—one pointing down and the other pointing up—are shown in the center. They each have an eye in the center and bear a striking resemblance to the hamsa; a symbol which is popular among global occultists as a defense against the “evil eye.” The file name of the hand image is “22ham22.”

The text placed around the palm arrangement reads, “ destroy her one must first learn to love must be willing to look deep into eyes of fear itself...” This text is shown in reverse. When you click the center of the page, a mirror site appears and the text is turned around.

The title bar reads, “...I saw Annie...please God somebody help me...”

The JavaScript of 'S' has two hidden messages as well:

Aside from the two sites, there have been a few other unconfirmed developments. Two images have been posted on /x/. Each has a shape that bears resemblance to the shape the window makes when going to 'S'. Another development concerns a book called The Red Book of Appin, which is a text on demonology and black magic. Some of the references made in the source code and e-mails have been linked to the book, so it's speculated there is a relation. Again, this is unconfirmed.

These are the facts we've been presented with. Go forth and analyze, /x/philes"

I present to you a screenshot of, check out whats in the header:

So, what do you think? is Annie's Road an in-depth alternate reality game? Or is Annie's Road something much darker? Let me know..

I repeat that I did not write the above summary, it was posted by a tripcode user Wildgoose on the 4chan /x/ Paranormal board, all credit goes to him. And as for finding Annies Road in the first place, all credit goes to anon.

If you are doing your own research into Annie's Road, make sure to check out both URL's:

Edit at 1956 GMT  06/03/2011. I have updated the Annie's Road Developments page for more information.

Steam Sale - Twice as good!

Today we have two great games up for sale, Supreme Commander 2 for £2.50 and Civilization 5 for £18 (That is a 40% discount).

Woop woop. More goodies. (Although I find Supreme Commander 2 to be utter shite but SHUSH)

Freaky scene in Silent Hill

As I am a massive fan of Silent Hill, I thought I would share one of the freakiest scenes from Silent Hill 2 with you.

Imagine walking in a room, and seeing this.


So have you had any memorable scary/freaky moments in any games? If so, let me know!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steam Sale - Front Mission Evolved + DLC

Front Mission Evolved third-person shooter and all of its DLC is now on sale on Steam at a 75% discount with less than a day remaining.

Don't you just love Steam sales?

Dead Island Game Trailer

Brand new Dead Island game trailer has just been released.

If you have never heard of Dead Island it is a zombie console only (boo) game in development that is actually trying to make them scary again. Instead of just lolpewpew.

So let me know what you think of the Dead Island game trailer in the comments:

Silent Hill Music

Now this is more of a personal favourite of mine and you will either love this or hate it. I have always loved the (older) Silent Hill games, and a major selling point is their use of music. So this post will be sharing some of my favourite songs from the Silent Hill games.

Firstly, we have the Theme of Laura from Silent Hill 2, alongside the games amazing introduction:

Next we have Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me from Silent Hill 3.

After this we have Room of Angel from Silent Hill 4.

Finally we have Acceptance from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories:

Amazing songs from amazing games. Share your views in the comments.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steam Sale - Just Cause 1 and 2

Now we have yet another sale for one day only.

Just Cause 1 and 2 at 75% off. These are both great games especially if you love the open sandbox style of play. Link.

Steam Sale - Batman Arkham Asylum

With only a few hours left, Batman Arkham Asylum is on sale on Steam for £3.75.

This is an amazing game and for that price is just another reason to get it.

It's Square Enix week on Steam so with new sales everyday I will keep you informed!

Rift - Dynamic Invasions

Another day, another Rift trailer. This one is filmed entirely with in-game footage showing off the "dynamic invasions" and how the world changes day by day.

Looks very interesting, whether I can justify the purchase is another thing entirely but still can't help but admire it.

What do you think, great new idea? Will get old fast? Or perhaps you feel its just a clone of the WoW elemental invasion event? Let me know!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Twilight and Modern Warfare 2

An old but still hilarious video here. Merging two of the most love them or hate them things in entertainment today.

Twilight and Modern Warfare 2 together!

Portal 2 Valentines Day

Well it seems that Portal 2 has finally been released and open for pre-order on Steam. Woohoo!

And with a brand new trailer:

Definately going to pre-order this myself! Have a link to the Steam store page.

The cake may not be a lie!

Global Agenda

I'm always looking for games where you get great value for money and Global Agenda is definately one of those.

It is a third person shooter, sort of an mmo except that all of the combat is instanced so that's a bit iffy, and the free trial alone contains hours upon hours of gameplay with the option to pay if you want to level up higher.

It has some similarities with Team Fortress 2 with the classes, Robotics (Engineer), Medic, Assault (Heavy) and Recon (Sniper/Spy) but the futuristic graphics style makes it look very unique.

Oh did I mention that it has jetpacks? EVERYTHING in life is improved with jetpacks.

Link to download and register for the free trial: Rawr

Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 Person Podcast - Flying boats!

Another hilarious video courtesy of those from 4pp.

All credits go to the 4 Person Podcast team.

Also Zero Punctuation has recently reviewed Dead Space 2, very funny and well worth checking out at the following link.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fallen Earth or Champions Online?

Now I'm torn for my next MMO to play. So I open the decision up to you.

I've played Fallen Earth in the past, its was enjoyable, in theory it had everything I wanted but something just felt missing, and felt no urge to resub. However that was months ago and I assume it will have improved since then.

And other big MMO making headlines these days is Champions Online. Again a game I tried months ago on a free trial and thought was meh, however its free now and we all know how much us gamers like free things.

One of these should keep me busy until Rift launches at least!

4 Person Podcast

Absolutely hilarious bunch of guys who stream games on a regular basis, I'm still yet to view it live as being British they run on a completely different time schedule!

One of my favourite videos of theirs, link is in the channel description.

And another:

Friday, February 11, 2011


Firstly, this post is my 50 posts milestone, thanks for all the support.

And now for the major news in the MMO world, Runescape is back to its old school ways (ish).

Free trade is back, the wilderness is back, scamming is back (although having played Eve Online I don't really feel what goes on in Runescape is actual scamming). I'm very happy about this although I'm not sure if its enough to draw me back in. I had many good years of fun on Runescape back in ye olden days but even with these changes its just not enough for me to want to relive my nostalgia value. I might check out on Free to Play but don't see myself paying for it.

That said, its something like £3.50 which won't really break my bank balance too much, who knows I might see if I can relive the glory days.

So what do you think? Ever heard of Runescape? Think this will draw you back? Let me know!

Runescape logo is owned by Runescape. Obvious statement is obvious.

In-game footage of Portal 2

Found on Portal 2 News. New in-game footage of Portal 2.

Looks absolutely beautiful, and if you purchase a copy on PS3, you get it for PC aswell. So good news for you PS3 owners out there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

News and randomnuss

So after reading in the vidya news that Activision has basically stopped making any games that don't have "Call of Duty" in the name, I was all prepared for an intellectual debate on the merits of game production.

Then of course I started playing Pokemon Soul Silver again, and my brain has completely turned to mush, so I leave you with the joyous news that Pokemon Black and White has a release date (For us joyous UK people) and it is less than a month away!

For sheer nostalgia value, I think I will be forced to get one of the two games, either Black or White, as for which one I have absolutely no idea.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vampires, Zombies, and something completely unrelated to vidya!

And now for something completely different. I'm sure many fans of the vidya are also fans of zombies, and will have heard of World War Z by Max Brooks. An absolutely amazing zombie book.

Well he has recently released a new, free short story online. So if you are a fan of zombies, vampires, or just good stories, then check it out:

Do want a vidya set in this world

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sex - What about it?

Hah, now that I have your attention.

In both MMOs, RPGs, and strangely other games these days, you are involved in creating an avatar of yourself, a "virtual self". So, do you make one the same sex or not?

I've heard many different views on this, from ,"I'm a man, therefore I'm going to play a man, Simple", to "If I'm going to be staring at an arse for many hours I want it to be a girls!".

Personally I'm not bias either way, my first WoW character back when I was a ickle vidya player was a girl. And is still not deleted to this day (although I havn't played in over a year!). But these days I nearly always make male characters, Aion, Perfect World, Dragon Age and so on. With that said however, check out my Rift character in the Beta. I truly am neutral in this issue!

So how about you? Do you choose a character of the same sex or not? And depending on which way you choose, why? Let me know :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Perfect World International

So in my hunt for a game that can be played while multitasking. I thought I'd give Perfect World International a try. A game I've had installed for god knows how long but never got around to playing.

Firstly, its free to play. Yay.

It's also very grindy, so don't expect anything intuitive. But if you want a relaxing grind it's worth a try. Also the graphics are absolutely beautiful, really shows that the West will have to up their game in the F2P field to compete.

(How unfitting is that music?! Also, remind you of Cataclysm at all? Not the best trailer I've seen!)

So if you are a fan of free to play MMOs, or are simply looking for something to kill the time, give Perfect World International a try.

Have to admit that for me though, Pay-to-Play MMOs still remain a whole league ahead of their free counterparts.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Very Creepy Person in Team Fortress 2

Okay, I'm quite speechless and was not aware people like this actually existed. It is these people that build the stereotype for gamers which we all dislike.

I'll be the first to admit that I play a lot of video games but I like to consider myself a relatively normal person. However the kid in this video..... the words creepy stalker don't really seem to cover it.

See for yourself!

I'm not sure whether to be sickened by the kid or pity him. What do you think?

Half assed weekender edition post go!

The essay is complete thank god! Barely touched the vidya these weekend so really must get back into it.

I'm sure most of you have seen this but I found it hilarious. A persons views on the new Elder Scrolls game:

Pretty much sums up my reaction well!

Now, I'm going to go play some vidya so that I actually have something to discuss with you all! It's scary how quickly my page views and support goes down when I go through a quiet period, not a single ad click today or yesterday. Sadface.

I leave you with another video that I'm sure many of you have seen before, found on Kotaku.

As much as I'm not a fan of Street Fighter, damn that is cool!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Vidya I Am Currently Playing - or Not as the Case May Be

Well having spent the last 5 hours writing a joyous essay for university, and with another 2 at least to go. I deem it time for a cup of tea break and a blog post.

Managed to squeeze in half an hour of Dead Space 2 this morning, very good game although I sort of want it to end now in that I really want to know whats going to happen. Plus then I can try the multiplayer!

As I mentioned in my last post, Rift - Planes of Telera is a very fun MMORPG, and so I have the collectors edition on pre-order. Even if you are not a fan of MMOs, check out the goodies that comes with it:

Heres looking forward to March 4th! And for those who said that I could get a 8GB USB drive somewhere else far cheaper, shush as you are not helping me justify this purchase to myself ;).

Anyway, back to the joyous essay I go.

Oh, before I go, I have a little experiment, due to this essay for today and yesterday I've hardly done any networking or supporting on any of my followers blogs (I'll catch up don't worry!), so please let me know if you are reading this by leaving me a comment.

Consider it a way for me to see who my dedicated readers are (I already have a few ideas of my regular commenters!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rift - Beta

Woop, I just got accepted into the Rift Beta. So expect me to be writing about that in the near future!

I'm not quite sure what to think of it yet, although I am eyeing up the collectors edition which comes with a huge amount of goodies including an 8GB USB stick, art book, mouse mat and so on. Plus it's released right after payday ;).

Will let you know what I think after playing the beta. Isn't it always the way, my download of the Rift beta will be complete 5 minutes before I leave for work! Damn you fate.

I'll also be trying to get my first impressions on Deus Ex online tonight aswell, fingers crossed. I'm still also working on completing Dead Space 2, Chapter 12 now and many bricks have been shat!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gamer - Movie review

I know what you are thinking, this is a vidya blog. Why is he writing about movies? Well this is a movie about video games! Haha, do you see whut I did thar?

Gamer is a good action movie. Thats pretty much it. It claimed to be a "deep" movie that makes you think, you all know the sorts of movie I mean, Matrix, Inception and so on. That sort.

Well it wasn't, I'm sure at one point it had the potential to be but it wasn't followed up on. With that said it's still a very good movie, and if you have ever played Blops, Call of Duty, or any of those sort of FPS games then you will see a few references that will make you smile. My personal favourite that made me smile and my friend sitting with me blank over entirely, was when the lead character "teabagged" an enemy after killing him. It is quite surreal seeing the lead actor from 300 teabagging somebody!

I would suggest renting this movie and definately giving it a go. Don't expect anything groundbreaking but if you watch it having an interest in video games, and are looking for a mindless entertaining action movie you will be very pleased. (Or perhaps use one of these strange website things to watch Gamer online. Not that I am condoning this behaviour tut tut tut).

Eden - World Builder

Now I'm not really sure how much I should publicize this since I am not sure how erm, "legal" it is.

But for 59p I have just purchased Eden - World Builder for the Iphone. It is basically a clone of Minecraft Creative mode and what little I have played of it seems quite fun. It's nowhere near as great as the actual Minecraft but for that price it's well worth looking into. I spent 4x that on my lunch today.

Other neat touches is that it has working fire and TNT. I'm sure I'll find a use for them sometime!

Purchase link:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love these guys on youtube and strongly suggest that you check them out.

Here is Metal Gear Solid 4, in real life! Wait until near the end for a surprise entrance from a celebrity!

Buyers Remorse

We've all had it. This seems like a good game, ah what the hell, bought. Oh god, it's shit. I don't want to play it. But I just spent all that money on it. Damn.

I know I definately have.

But what are your worst moments of this? I think for me nothing beats Final Fantasy 14. In case my blatent obviousnuss (Is that a word? It should be) has not shown you by now, I love Final Fantasy. Or I should say, I love the OLD Final Fantasy. But I believed the rumors, I bought into the hype, the developers are listening to us, Final Fantasy 14 will be the next generation MMO.

Worst. Game. Ever. And I spent £45 on the collectors edition sitting next to me. I think I have spent longer looking at the pretty box, badly made cup and shitty cloth map than I have actually playing the game. The game came with absolutely no content, terrible system, and just generally bad enough to make me make the warrrgarbl noise.

Also I am choosing to ignore the multitude of games purchased in the Steam sales as I am certain I will play them "someday". Maybe I have no idea when but "someday". So, even if it's not vidya related, let me know your buyers remorse stories in the comments section.

Also before this post ends, my thoughts go out to those in America suffering from the severe snow, and those in Queensland, Australia facing the worst storm ever. Hope everything ends up okay for you all.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nostalgia Moments in the Vidya

We all have them, iconic games that we have grown up with, these games make us put on the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia and wallow in fond memories.

The game that springs to mind for myself personally has to be Final Fantasy 7, back when Cloud was not all bawwgrimdarksad but "let's mosey!", the game where houses fired rockets, back before the censors when you had to dress up as a woman to rescue Tifa, lotion rubban on people, along with more side quests than you can shake a stick at. So many funny moments, sad moments, and epic moments (Raid on Junon anyone?)

Personally for me the song that makes pure manly tears shed has to be "Interrupted by Fireworks". So my fellow fans of vidya and blogging. Just for 2 minutes 50 seconds listen to the following song and remember back to simpler and easier times.

How about you? What game (if any) defines your childhood and brings back fond memories of a time when your only concern was how to hit the next level? Let me know in the comments!

Video Game Weapons - Do Want

So being a massive Final Fantasy fanboy, up to FF9 (maybe 10 on a good day), after having watched this video all I can say is do want!

It would be absolutely pointless, and would gain me a thousand nerd points, but still, do want! In case you have not noticed, this will be a post looking at some video game weapons moved into real life :).

Up now with another Final Fantasy weapon,  a life size Buster sword. I saw this on Kotaku so cannot claim my Googlefu knowledge for this one (Protip: I look like that second guy, honestly.....lolno).

Next we have a sword from one of the biggest games out there today, World of Warcraft, the real Frostmourne owned by the Lich King (skip to one minute in):

And finally we have the very cool Gears of War Chainsaw Gun Thing (Insert knowledge of Gears of War franchise here). As much as I don't really see the point in owning any of these as I have the combat knowledge of a spoon, not to mention the legal stuffs. Still I can't help but think all of these shown would be damn nice to put on my wall:

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