Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprisingly addictive game

Just a quick one this time, I'm sure lots of you have heard about this already but for an amazingly fun and addictive free-to-play game I highly recommend League of Legends.

Originally inspired by dota, best played with bros as the community can be immature at times, and all of the champions can be bought with in-game points. Although there is an option to spend money if you feel like it and wish to support the devs.

Overall I would have to say if you were a fan of dota, or are looking for something different to play, give it a go!

It definately beats the infinate amount of Call of Duty Space Marine 7 clones coming out these days anyway.

Link to the cinematic trailer (looks nothing like in-game footage, but we can't have everything can we):


epicwallpapersandart.blogspot said...

how many games would you say it take to earn all the players?

The Facts of Vidya said...

Hmm, sadly I would have to say in the thousands. It would take you months :(.

Guess they have to make the money someway though! Although if you are like myself, I only have about 5 or 6 characters I play 99% of the time.

Schla.mp3 said...

pretty good game i played it a lot

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Bobby said...

Sweet blog, followed!

Don't forget to check and support often your local information hot-spot!

Unknown said...

Hey man, I play this game almost religiously, especially good for being free! Now following your blog.

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Aaron The Baron said...

hey i just stumbled upon your blog, pretty cool :) i'll be sure to stop back! here's my blog in case anyone's interested - just random posts about things I find interesting :)

Sram said...

few of my guildies play this as well. Never played DotA but I may give this try.
P.S. you should disable captch

watchman said...

nice blog, just subbed to it.

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cooperlife said...

if only it were free to not play.

Rawr said...

hi, nice blog, followin you

The Facts of Vidya said...

@Sram: Thanks, I'm giving it a go without captcha, fingers crossed spam won't become a problem

Thanks for the support, I read all comments posted and am always open to any advice given :)

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