Friday, January 14, 2011

Prototype review

Throwing a tank off from the top of a building onto a infected zombies face, then leaping in the air, grappling with your arm onto a scrambled marine helicopter, breaking inside, then flying around with their own helicopter attacking zombies, civilians, and military alike. In short, this game is fun!

Prototype by Radical Entertainment was released in 2009 as an open world action video game, and I have to say is one of the few games out there where you feel powerful, movement feels fluid, and where you can elbow slam an elderly lady into the pavement from a multistory skyscraper.

The plot has recieved mixed reviews, I personally quite liked it but many others disagree, but in short and very simplistic terms to avoid spoilers, a "zombie" virus is in the process of taking over NYC, and is getting worse as the game goes on, you have superpowers, find out the truth blablabla conspiracy. You can gain a variety of powers such as turning your arm into a blade, gaining claws, massive strength, armour and so on, along with scavenging the weapons from fallen police/soldiers, I guarantee you will find plenty of ways to kill people! You travel around the city using parkour techniques (although I'm yet to see someone fly from building to building by using the power of their blood, although perhaps that is a more advanced technique kept secret!)

In case you have not grasped already, there is quite alot of graphic violence in this game, and I wouldn't advise young children play it, the game has mixed ratings from 18+ to 15+ depending on location.

In conclusion, if you want a very fun game, highly repetative (not necessarily a bad thing), and a game where the idea of morals are blurry at best, buy Prototype!

I leave you with the cinematic intro, well worth watching:


Rawr said...

damn, this vid looks sick

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itsfranz said...

want to play now!

Cameron Wyatt said...

This looks pretty good.


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