Saturday, January 22, 2011

Minecraft Creations

Being a very creative person myself, here is my amazing house that I made in Minecraft between me and my Irish friend Madgamerman.

I know, amazing right? You are all so jealous!

So, with that to compare against, I thought I would see what else people have come up with on the internet.

The Normandy from Mass Effect:

The Earth as a whole, this is bloody impressive:

And for those of you who work with computers, this one is for you, a 16-bit ALU built only in Minecraft:

Well, in summary, my house is FAR superior to all of these. Don't you agree?


Prometheus said...

You fail to mention how we..

1) Filled it with dirt and sand
2) Blocked you in with a stone barricade when you had no tools
3) Created a giant chasm underneath it
4) Burnt it to the ground
5) Submerged it in water putting out the fire

SuciƓ Sanchez said...


Jordan said...

wow you should be an architect! son i am proud!

your friend,

Doo said...

I'm amazed by these videos :O

Anonymous said...

Minecraft is such an awesome game.

forkfantasy said...

holy fork i have never seen such an attractive house! i wish i could live in it, and stroke its furry walls (surely you have furry walls?!) every night.

Dwrek said...

Some of my favorites are WoW Ironforge and Bioshock for Minecraft videos

Rawr said...

cool game, Earth looks awesome

xy said...


thanks so much for your comment!:)

cool video

wish you a great time!


Justsayin' said...

Very cool. Good job!

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