Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Killing Floor (Loadsamoney!)

Well, after trying out a free advertising credit for Adwords I wake up to find out that my website has 404ed, after frantically removing my campaign everything now seems fine, phfew!

Anyways, back to business, this post is my thoughts on the game Killing Floor.

Killing Floor by Tripwire Interactive is a fps squad based game where you have to fight off waves of different zombiesCOUGH....clones. Due to the Harry Enfield humor in the squad commands, the B button makes you drop money for other players which has spread and become a meme incredibly fast, the game has an entertaining charm which if you are British (like myself) you will find even more entertaining. For example:

The game has often been compared to Left 4 Dead, which I think is absolutely rubbish, apart from the fact they are both first person shooters the gameplay is completely different. Gameplay involves choosing one of seven "perks", each with differing strengths and weaknesses, from the Berserker who specialises in swords/chainsaws, to the commando with his assault rifle, each perk plays very differently. Games last usually 7-10 waves of increasing difficulty and culminate in a "boss" fight against a monster called the Patriach.

The game is refreshingly hard, speaking for myself I have one level 6 perk (which is the highest level possible) of Berserker and I am still only barely able to do the "hard" difficulty setting, with both "suicidal" and "hell on earth" difficulties still to go!

The gameplay does get repetitive however but I have over 100 hours played and should you play with friends then you will find that this game can provide long term entertainment like few others can. One downside however is that Tripwire is a small company and the low-budget of the game is sometimes visible, but honestly that is a small downside and easily overlooked. For its price tag of £15 on Steam (£8 on Amazon for a boxed copy, learn something new everyday!) its money well spent!

I leave you with the original trailer (there has been a few expansions since then):

And then for good luck, LOADSAMONEY:


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