Monday, January 31, 2011

How is your country represented in the vidya?

So we've all played the countless Call of Duty clones with Americans versus Russians. Not to mention the British versus the Nazis done ten thousand times. This got me thinking, how is your country represented in the vidya?

Being British, the first game that comes to my mind (for better or worse I'm not sure) would have to be Killing Floor. Close followed by the absolutely TERRIBLE British accents in Wings of Prey. "Tally ho chaps! Scone and tea waiting for when we land!" (Protip: We don't speak like that! Honest!)

So how about you? Let me know how your homeland is represented in the vidya these days, or perhaps it has yet to have a mention, either way post your thoughts in the comments section!



From what I've seen, there are a few characters in Black Ops that make me cringe because they have a horrible country slang that could be tied to Texas, where I'm from lol!

P.S. I wish the world wouldn't assume that because I'm from Texas that I have livestock in my backyard lol I eat the fuckers, I don't play house with them *venting* lol

watchman said...

american is decently represented I guess. We created counterstrike right?

my day in a sentence said...

I'm Croatian. I guess we're only represented in the soccer games. :D
We did produce Serious Sam, though.

Doo said...

My country is very bad! However, we had a few good CS 1.6 teams :S Don't know what's with that now

Poetry of the Day said...

my country sucks

beyondhiphop said...

mine is great

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