Friday, January 21, 2011

Hidden: Source Beta 4b

Today I am reviewing a mod on the source engine that COULD have been great, COULD have gone the way of Killing Floor and become its own game, but sadly has been abandoned by both the developers and the playerbase.

Hidden: Source Beta 4b is a mod built on the Half Life 2 engine, which is based around online fights between players, most players play the generic squad with options such as weapon loadout, gadgets etc, whereas one player gets to become "the hidden". This player has powers such as invisibility, super strength, super speed, ability to see through walls, and carries a knife along with a few grenades.

It is the job of the hidden to kill all of the other players, and it is the job of the players to work together and kill the hidden. Sounds fun doesn't it? While here is the downside, this community for this mod is all but dead. After browsing the lobbies and finding not a single game with more than 4 people in (and that was a one off), me and a friend made our own lobby and started our on game on one of the many desolate servers. Over time more people joined and by the end of the evening we had a full lobby and had a fun time playing.

See developers if you are listening, people still WANT to play your game, but imagine looking through a server browser and seeing nothing more than "empty", "empty", "empty". Very demoralising and "whats the point". Should this be updated and active I can imagine it would be perfect for LAN partys and would provide many entertaining moments.

Overall I've had a few fun evenings playing this mod but don't see myself touching it again. Why? Because it needs updating and severely needs more content, but with that said, the base and groundwork of it is very good and provides a fun time for a while, sadly it is the developers absenteeism that has killed it for me.

What is it with mod teams and leaving half way through? Black Mesa Source I'm looking at you also.

Anyway, heres to a fallen game that could have been something. If you have some spare time and are willing to wait for a lobby to fill, or perhaps have a few bros that are looking for something different, then give it a go and you will be pleasently surprised, just don't expect anything to improve or change. Ever.


Justsayin' said...

I've never played this. Sounds like a pain waiting for people to come join in.

Choms1337 said...

I played hidden :D good mod to source :P

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I bought Killing Floor in a Steam sale but never got into it.

Jordan said...

sounds like a cool game

your friend,

Doo said...

Looks nice, might try it out

thegoldenchild said...

gonna try and check it out

Anonymous said...

I have steam so I'll look into this game! It looks pretty cool :D

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