Saturday, January 15, 2011

From game to movie, does it work? Part 1

So what with the recent news of a World of Warcraft movie being produced (Linky), I can't help but think about previous game to movie translations and how they performed.

So now seems a good time to look a few movies, see how they differed from the games, and give my thoughts on them.

Firstly, the Resident Evil series of movies:

Okay, for the record I enjoyed the first two Resident Evil films, they stuck (albeit loosely) to the same lore as in the games, and the atmosphere while underground in the Hive worked well. However, from three onwards I couldn't help but feel they were in it for the money. And what with the latest movie out, trailer linked above, as a fan of the games I felt little to no connection with what made the series great. Watching that trailer you see lots of slow motion, lots of matrix style latex and corny lines, yet very few actual zombies, in fact short of the names of the characters it might aswell be something completely seperate. If you want to watch a decent horror/action movie that is linked to video games, check out Resident Evil and/or Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Although give the latest one a miss as instead of using 3D to expand the world and our interaction with it, it was used as an excuse to skimp on the plot because "lolhowpretty". Or perhaps maybe I'm just getting old and jaded!

And now for a movie that did something right, that captured the feel of the games and as a loyal fan of the series I strongly enjoyed. Silent Hill.

Firstly, some liberties were taken with the story from the games, however unlike my previous example I actually don't mind it this time. The emphasis is not on action and lollookhowscarythesemonstersare. Like the game (and my personal favourite game of all time) Silent Hill 2, the focus was on setting up the atmosphere of the town, and giving us hints as to what is really happening yet ultimately telling us nothing concrete. I really don't have much more to say for this movie, if you enjoy horror movies, watch it and let me know how you thought of it!

This will be a two or three part article, depending on the interest of my readers. God knows there are so many films based on games out there, the next article will be a more light hearted bunch of movies. Also to note that all of this is my opinion alone, you have may have loved Resident Evil: Afterlife, if so please let me know and tell me why. I'm always up for a good debate!

I hope to get the second part to you either this evening or tomorrow, as I am currently in the process of moving to the new domain name of, which considering I have the HTML and website knowledge of a spoon, a few problems are happening which I am trying to solve (most likely all caused by yours truly in the first place!). All of your current bookmarks and using my current web address will still work, so just sit back and let me wallow in my confusion :).


From Tulsa With Love said...

its becoming a tradition that video game adaptations are bombs...thats why half-life 2 creators have turned down numerous scripts so they can take their time and do it right and not let the fans down...which is the whole point.
nice article.

Sv3ntevith said...

Shame that other adaptations are not that good :<

DSonora said...

Yeah, video game movies in general are usually pretty bad. However, I did enjoy the first Resident Evil. Cool blog, bro. Good content. Check out my poem blog while youre at it! Cheers!

Rawr said...

cool movies, I was playing resident evil 1 on PS1 xD

The Facts of Vidya said...


Ooo have to say you have made me really want a Half Life 2 movie now. Although it would likely involve changing the silent protaganist role which would stir up trouble!

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