Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eve Online

And now for a review of one of the few games that has kept me playing (with occasional breaks) over the years and which still shows continuous improvement. Eve Online.

Eve Online is an MMORPG set in space, where you can literally do whatever you want. You want to do endless PvE to make money? Then go do missions. You don't want to shoot a thing and become rich? Then go mine and form your own industrial company. Or how about you just want to blow other people up? Go right ahead, in Eve Online you can be attacked anywhere in space at any time. One thing to say though is that Eve Online has very little tutorials for new players, but once you get over that initial hurdle of "what do you mean there is nothing telling me where to go next? I have to decide? Oh god", then you will find one of the deepest games out there.

What with the new character creator and the recent Incursion expansion, I highly recommend Eve Online for anybody looking for something different than the million WoW clones out there!

This trailer really highlights how one can do anything within Eve Online:


WeightLossGuru said...

Really nice blog bro, im following.

Anonymous said...

cool blog man

Rawr said...

looks cool :D

SuciƓ Sanchez said...

I'd like the "spreadsheets in space" part.

The Facts of Vidya said...

@Sucio, admittedly the UI could use an update :P

Apparently they are working on it to be more like the trailers, so the rumors say. We can but hope.

Bobby said...

My friend plays this, he says it's amazing and I might give it a try.

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