Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are games getting easier?

While browsing the intertubes last night and having a discussion(read: moan) with friends over Skype about the game industry these days. I came across this image:

And I have to ask myself, are games getting easier?

I've never been a big fan of the "big blockbuster" style of games, I just seem to view them as all the challenge having been sucked out of them and replaced with PINGACHIEVEMENT, PINGKILLSTREAK, PINGZOMGYOUARESOGOOD. See for example, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

I'm in the view that if you are handed everything on a silver platter then well, what's the point? where is the challenge? However going by sales records, it seems that I am in the minority these days, what with Modern Warfare 2 selling more copies than bottles of oxygen on the moon, and Cataclysm also breaking so many records upon release.

Back in my day we had a single health pack, had to trudge uphill for 19 miles to reach the first save point where upon we had to fight three platoons with no crouch cover, no regenerating health or quicksave, our only reward being the sense of accomplishment and no PINGLOLACHIEVEMENT, all while juggling and attempting to jump over lava. Get off my yard kids grumble grumble.

Not that there aren't good and challenging games coming out these days, but they just never seem to top the charts, Dragon Age for example I seem to be perpetually bad at having set the difficulty to "babby mode" and still getting my ass handed to me, and being able to (just) complete hard mode on Killing Floor makes me cry when I look at Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulty levels!

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to put my rose tinted nostalgia goggles back into their case now.


Some Guy said...

I feel like games sell better based on good graphics and trailer and marketing now instead of actual content. It's a shame really, but there are still so many good games out there-- the trick is knowing which ones.

itsfranz said...

the focus in mw2 is set on online-multiplayer thats why i dont think its comparable

Toto said...

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Unknown said...

I really do agree with you. I remember games like quake being insanely hard when you crank up the difficulty.

The problem lies in game developers wanting to make more money and they basically make the games much easier so everyone can play it, therefore everyone can buy it...

Phil said...

Half life 2 was the last FPS that I played just for the story, the rest I just play the multiplayer and leave the single player missions for when I don't have internet.
Following you now mate

forkfantasy said...

I agree with the first poster. At least they're pretty now. :/

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